Sprig - Glossary


The Human city that Kaia lived in. Not much is said about the city other than the fact that it had very little in terms of plant-life.

An island that appeared overnight in the middle of the ocean. Many races sent people to colonize the new land, but without a trace, the colonists vanished from their camps. Now a peace treaty has been formed to work together until their missing people are found.

The land is said to be very dangerous, with many monsters, some of which have never been seen before. It is also assumed to be uninhabited.

Keelwall Forest is mentioned in 2.2 Bind by Kaia when she thinks to herself about how to quickly make a landing pad for Tigala.

Mushrooms! I think I can grow those, and the ones in the Keelwall Forest were massive.

The newest colony on Daegal. This colony was started by the Humans and has been repurposed to house all of the races as they work together to find their missing people.


A hot-headed Elf with black spiky hair and storm tattoos across his arms and chest. Lolan suspects Galia to be the storm mage in that they met in the caves in 2.2 Bind and sneaks into his tent later to confirm the theory.

One of the last Treeks known to walk the earth and the only Treek in the colony on Daegal.

A wolf-like male Beastfolk.

A teenaged Elven boy that is on the colony of Daegal. He wears storm gray clothing and carries a longbow. He has olive skin and brown hair.

Kaia's father. He wore pants made from animal hides and has black hair. Kaia last saw him when she was 10 years old when the humans discovered and attacked their camp.

A cow-like female Beastfolk.

A brown-furred bear-like male Beastfolk.

Rodrigo is the Human representative in the colony. He has salt and pepper hair pulled back into a ponytail and a long red jacket. He seems to dislike Kaia and thinks that the whole colony will erupt in violence eventually, as stated in Rodrigo's Interlude.

The Gnome representative.

The Saurian representative.

The Beastfolk Representative

The Elven representative.

The Dwarven representative.

Tigala is a Beastfolk that resembles a bobcat. She has blonde fur with brown and black spots, and her ears are tipped with black points. Tigala also has a fresh wound across her face and a newly amputated left arm.

An old Gnome who has come to Daegal. He has a long white beard and colorful clothes.


Avians resemble humanoid birds. They have wings, but their bodies are too heavy to allow for sustained flight. Their homes are often on mountaintops and on top of forest canopies.

Color: Orange

A race of people. Beasfolk resemble various forms of mammals in fur/skin color and facial features, but all are bi-pedal. Beastfolk use Transformation Magic and many believe they look the way they do because one of the first beastfolk delved too deep into their magic.

Color: Grey

Dwarves are half-sized folk that are second only to the Beastfolk in hairiness. Dwarves use Earth Magic and prefer to live underground, on mountainsides, or in other locations heavy in rocks and ores.

Color: Yellow

Elves are slender and have even less hair than the Humans. Elves practice Storm Magic allowing them to control the weather. They enjoy living in open expanses, by bodies of water, and on top of mountains.

Color: Purple

Gnomes are a half-sized folk like the Dwarves, but their appearance is closer to the Elves, with pointed ears and thinner builds. Gnomes use Trickery Magic and usually live in well-hidden cities and towns.

Color: Red

Humans are average-sized and grow less hair than Dwarves and Beastfolk. They use Fire Magic and like to live mostly in large cities. They are masters of blacksmithing and ingenuity, but also greedy.

Color: Blue

A race of people that resemble Lizards and amphibians. The main differences Humans or Beasfolk are their scaled bodies, lizard-like faces, and their tails. Saurians use Water Magic and tend to live near or under water.

Color: Green

A race of people that have bark-like skin. Many know Nature Magic and they tend to live in tribal communities in nature.