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A note from houston

UPDATE - 3/30/2021: The break is over and I'm back to writing Sprig. You can expect to start seeing new chapters again in May 2021!

UPDATE - 5/3/2021: Chapters are now being released again! The newest chapter is 15.3 Kudzu.

Hi everyone,

Yes, as the title says, I will, unfortunately, be putting Sprig on hiatus for a little bit. I hate to do it, but I think it is the best route forward for me and all of you who are reading it.

The main reason for the break is that I am currently unable to put in the effort to give this story a proper ending. We're over 225,000 words in now and the ending is close, but it's not an easy task. You have to tie up everything in a neat little bow and do it in a way that is satisfying to yourself, the story, and the readers. I don't want to do this half-heartedly, and despite still caring a ton about this story, I can't muster the fortitude to do it on a schedule in my current state.

But I'm not just giving up. The main reason I have been struggling to get chapters out lately is my health. I hate blaming this on a health condition, but it's the reality. I have chronic Lyme disease, which can affect people in a lot of different ways. For me, when it's bad, it makes me feel like I have the body aches of the flu, it gives me depression, and it severely saps my motivation, among other things. It will get bad some times, and then you have to take a ton of supplements to combat it. Then it lies dormant until it's ready to rise up again. I started writing Sprig in one of the dormant periods, but now I'm back in one of the slumps. And although I am doing my best to fight it, I'm not mentally in a place to write Sprig's ending in a way that I would be happy with, at least not on a schedule.

Sprig is not dead though. I have been planning this story in some form or another since 2015 and I have every intention of seeing it through to the end. I plan to take care of my Lyme and work on chapters again until I have built up a backlog. Then, I'll either go back to my usual release schedule, or I might even drop a chapter daily until the story is over. So if you like the story, subscribe (or stay subscribed) to be notified when I start posting again.

Finally, I want to thank you all for reading along this far. It means the world to me that anyone is getting enjoyment out of the words I write and I hope I haven't disappointed you too much. Ultimately, this decision was made with all of you at the forefront of my thinking. I want to make sure I'm giving you the story that you want and deserve. Stay safe everyone!

Adventure awaits,

Houston Hare

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/TheLettre7\ said:
Aww man first off your health should always come first if you are not feeling well it is better to worry about you than force yourself to write

I did I have a thought that you would put this on hiatus but it is perfectly ok I am sorry you are feeling this way please know that I support you and this story even though I can only comment

I am excited to read how this story wraps up but I will wait for as long as you need to feel like you again

Thank you so much for this story stay safe and good luck :)


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