Progress Update: March 2020 (and why I write)

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Here are the writing stats for Sprig at the end of March 2020. To see my progress in other months click here.

This Month

  • Words Written: 10,567
  • Words Published: 16,696
  • Chapters Written: 5
  • Chapters Published: 7
  • Last Published Chapter: 10.3 Dahlia
  • Last Completed Chapter: 11.4


  • Words Written: 171,570
  • Words Published: 151,090
  • Chapters Written: 72
  • Chapters Published: 63
  • Backlogged Chapters: 9


March was another slow month for me. Writing is hard. Maybe you're a writer and you totally get what I mean. If you're not, the idea of writing is great. I constantly have things in my head that I want to convey or symbols that I want to use. But putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, is much harder than having a creative idea. It's a commitment. It's something you have to be insanely motivated to do, day after day. When you don't feel like writing, you do it anyway. When you don't have time to write, you make time. It's exhausting, and I love it.

I love it because of the struggle. I love learning and forcing myself to look at the world under a microscope. I love proving to others that I can succeed when they're sure that I'll fail. I love building worlds, and creating people that others can fall in love with. And I love sharing my perspectives in a way that people can relate to.

Sure, I'm still relatively new to this whole thing comparatively. I am still very much honing my craft and making plenty of mistakes along the way. But I am still writing. And the more I write—the more I practice—the better I will get. Regardless of how much I fail, I will get back up again. I'm a writer. It's what I do.

In March, I was fairly busy again which caused some of the slowdown. I was sick, possibly with COVID19, and I edited, proofread, and released Sprig (Issue 3 - Shoot). The whole pandemic thing did disrupt my schedule too. It's stressful hearing the news of what is going on out there and working from home on a daily basis is a small change, but a change nonetheless. I have a family to provide for, so I have been a bit preoccupied with making sure they are safe.

But as I said, I'm not quitting. Now is a better time than ever to write. With so much time at home, and with so many people isolated, we need creatives to make the world a brighter place. We need hope. We need unity. So I will do my part by making the best web serial I can.

March 30th, my birthday, marks the one year anniversary of writing Sprig. In that year, I wrote over 170,000 words, 71 chapters, 10 arcs, 18 blog posts, and I published 3 books. Let's see if I can double it next year.

Adventure awaits,

Houston Hare


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