Progress Update: July 2020

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Here are the writing stats for Sprig at the end of July 2020. To see my progress in other months click here.

This Month

  • Words Written: 11,994
  • Words Published: 13,893
  • Chapters Written: 5
  • Chapters Published: 6
  • Last Published Chapter: 13.7 Ficus
  • Last Completed Chapter: 13.7 Ficus


  • Words Written: 209,424
  • Words Published: 205,865
  • Chapters Written: 88
  • Chapters Published: 86
  • Backlogged Chapters: 2


I haven't done these progress updates in a while. As you might have guessed, all of the craziness in the world taken a toll on my mental health and creativity. I live in the USA, and between a pandemic that has killed over 150,000 people, rampant racial injustice, and a government that couldn't care less about any of it, it's been a hard few months.

I'm not trying to whine, or say I have it harder than anyone else. I'm one of the lucky ones that still has a day job. I am still pretty secure at the moment despite all of the instability. All I'm saying is that writing has been a challenge for me. But despite all of that, Sprig is still progressing!

Somewhere around the end of June and beginning of July, I passed 200,000 words and I'm nearing the end of the whole story. Even though I let my backlog diminish, the pressure of having to put out a chapter every five days has kept me going.

So, I recently went back and tallied up my numbers for the past few months as well. Check out the progress update tag if you want to see the ones that I missed. And despite struggling with creativity as of late, I do want to finish this story. I need to prove to myself that I can do it, and I want all of my loyal readers to get the ending they deserve.

So that's the update for this month. I hope you're all staying safe!


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