Progress Update: August 2019

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Here are the writing stats for Sprig at the end of August 2019. To see my progress in other months click here.

This Month

  • Words Written: 13,482
  • Words Published: 17,259
  • Chapters Written: 6
  • Chapters Published: 7
  • Last Published Chapter: 3.4 Shoot
  • Last Completed Chapter: 5.3


  • Words Written: 69,120
  • Words Published: 40,490
  • Chapters Written: 31
  • Chapters Published: 18
  • Backlogged Chapters: 13


August was actually a pretty successful month despite the released word count being so much higher than the written words. This was my fifth month of writing and my third month releasing and it's the second highest word count I've achieved (beat only by Camp NaNoWriMo in April when I spent less time with my family to achieve such a high word count). I actually managed to write six chapters which is as many as I would release in a typically month, but because my schedule lined up with the first of the month and it was a 31 day month, I ended up posting seven chapters. I ended up adding a chapter to the story that I had written when preparing for writing Sprig back in February or March, so I managed not to lose any ground on my backlog. I didn't include the pre-written chapter in the monthly word count totals above, but it still adds to my total word and chapter count, so I'll count that as a win.

Starting this month, I plan to start releasing on every date that ends in a five or a zero. So I'll release a chapter on the 5th, then the 10th, then the 15th, and so on. This is basically what I am already doing, but it does two major things. First, it makes it easier to know when a post will be coming out. You can just look at your watch or phone and say, "It's the 25th? Oh, there's a new Sprig chapter today!" I have a hard time keeping track of it currently so this is both for me and you, the readers.

The other thing the new schedule does is it caps the monthly released chapter count at six, which will hopefully allow me to bank up more chapters that I can surprise release later. The only time this will affect anything is on a 31 day month. I'll post on the 30th and then it will be six days (instead of the usual five) until I post on the 5th of the next month. February will be interesting too, but we'll figure that out when we get there.

This progress update is now caught up with the present since I am posting it on September 2nd, so the next Progress Update should be out early in October when I have had a chance to crunch my numbers. I'm hoping to figure out how to add interactive JavaScript graphs of all of the data here too. Hopefully by next month!

Update (Sep. 3rd, 2019) - Interactive JavaScript graphs added. Ah yeah!

Comments (2)

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Carachel said:
This is all just an elaborate scheme so when February comes you don't have to post a chapter on the 30th.

houston said:
Caught me! It's all so I get an extra three free days a year. I'm so dastardly... >:D


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