Progress Update: June 2020

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Here are the writing stats for Sprig at the end of June 2020. To see my progress in other months click here.

This Month

  • Words Written: 15,103
  • Words Published: 13,204
  • Chapters Written: 6
  • Chapters Published: 5
  • Last Published Chapter: 13.1 Interlude: Kesq
  • Last Completed Chapter: 13.1 Interlude: Kesq


  • Words Written: 200,719
  • Words Published: 191,972
  • Chapters Written: 84
  • Chapters Published: 80
  • Backlogged Chapters: 4


In June, I had to decide whether or not I really cared about Sprig. Technically, I finished the month with one more chapter in my backlog than the previous month. But that number also includes bonus chapters that are only available to subscribers and partially written chapters. Plus, it only looks at the number at the end of the month, not throughout. This month my backlog actually ran out because I am still having trouble writing. So, it was a choice between writing chapters as they needed to be released, or not at all. I'm happy that I chose to continue writing.

I still care a lot about this story, and I want to see it finished. Plus, we're nearing the end of the story now. I can't give up now. I need to do this to prove that I can, and because I want to be a writer. I can't just let a measly global pandemic stop me.


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