The Gardener

# 262 1 - 2 mins. 1

The gardener toils without relent.
She works the soil and prepares it for the harvest to come.
She ensures that it's damp and loose,
And shapes it to her needs.
With careful precision, she places her seeds.
One by one, they fall in place,
But the work doesn't stop there.

It takes care to bring life into the world.
She covers her children to keep them comfortable,
Waters them just enough,
Watches them carefully, in anticipation
She worries that they won't grow
Until she sees the first sprout
Excitement fills her as the seeds begin to break free
They stretch in the sunlight
But the work is not yet done.

The gardener waters,
She protects her seedlings from birds and rodents,
Feeds the soil that will feed their roots.
She encourages growth, and watches the new leaves unfurl.
She trains the plants to climb to the heavens.
They try to reject it, but the gardener is persistent.
In time, they learn that the gardener knows what is best,
But there is still more work to do.

Her plants need constant attention,
And the gardener is always there to give it.
Despite sickness, sadness, and self,
The gardener does not give up on her plants,
And in time, she sees the fruit of her labor.
The work is done,
And it is time to start anew.

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Lindia55 said:
Hi!I liked your poem!Congratulations!Keep up with the good work :) best wishes


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