# 160 1 - 1 mins. 1

People I know from long ago
I see their faces, hear their names
I glimpse their lives, so different now
Yet all of them are just the same

Ghosts that I spent ages with
Distant memories that won't return
They live their lives in spite of me
They grow, they change, adapt, and learn

My memory fades, day by day
And their stories I can't recall
But some of them meant more to me
They built me up, they made me tall

Will they still remember me
Once they're lost from my thoughts
Will they see my face or hear my name
And wonder what my life had brought?

Those people made me who I am
They deserve to be remembered
But my failing mind wipes itself clean
A bed of fading embers

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Lindia55 said:
This is really beautiful. When will you write the next chapter?????


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