Entangled (Sprig, Issue #4)

Starting at $1.99

The group faces the consequences of their actions during their forest confrontation. (65 pages)

Growth (Sprig, Issue #5)

Starting at $1.99

Kaia and Tigala take to the wilderness to escape the politics of the colony.

Roots (Sprig, Issue #6)

Starting at $1.99

When the group discovers the first of the missing people on Daegal, they are forced to act quickly or lose their chance to free them. (103 pages)

Rest (Sprig, Issue #7)

Starting at $1.99

With the first of the colonists found, the group must find a way to work with each other to get everyone back to safety.

Hatred Breeds Hatred Merch

Starting at $18.24

"Hatred breeds hatred," he said in a small voice. "Someone has to be the first to break the cycle." Get this quote from Zef on t-shirts, mugs, and much more.

Issue 2 - Thorn Merch

Starting at $18.34

Issue 2 themed masks, shirts, and other products are now available, displaying a tangle of thorns.


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