Sprig (Book #1)

Starting at $4.99

The collection of Issues 1 through 7 in one novel-length book. Professionally edited. (437 pages)

Germ (Sprig, Issue #1)

Starting at $0.00

Issue 1 is the professionally edited first arc of Sprig. Available in Paperback and eBook. (91 pages)

Bind (Sprig, Issue #2)

Starting at $1.99

Explore the ruined tower with the Kaia and the crew in this epic new issue of Sprig! (91 pages)

Shoot (Sprig, Issue #3)

Starting at $1.99

Kaia, Lolan, and Zef find themselves in another difficult situation as they explore the forests of Daegal! (109 pages)

Entangled (Sprig, Issue #4)

Starting at $1.99

The group faces the consequences of their actions during their forest confrontation. (65 pages)

Growth (Sprig, Issue #5)

Starting at $1.99

Kaia and Tigala take to the wilderness to escape the politics of the colony.


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