Sprig War rages as land runs out. Elves, Dwarves, Humans, and other races fight for control of the limited space they have. When a land mass suddenly appears out of nowhere, people flock to it, only to be caught up in its mysteries. Kaia, one of the las... https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig 1.1 Germ Father emerged from the forest with a burden slung over one shoulder. His bow clung to the other with a quiver of arrows resting somewhat between the two. He walked up to our camp still careful not to make noise as his bare feet stepped on the ric... ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/1-1-germ Kaia 1.2 Germ 7 years later... "Welcome to the new land." The captain's voice was barely audible over all of the chatter. "Now get off my boat, ya filthy lot." He let out a hearty chuckle to himself as people began shuffling down the gangplank onto the docks. I... ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/1-2-germ Kaia Chipry 1.3 Germ The massive tiger dove toward me in the middle of the town square as groups of various other races watched. Not one stepped in to protect me, an unarmed teen, from the Beastfolk warrior. I dodged around the far side of the well, trying to keep the... ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/1-3-germ Kaia Daegal Rodrigo Chipry 1.4 Germ Rodrigo finished his speech explaining a communal map in the tavern behind him. "Please mark the location you'll be searching each day to avoid overlap, and report any findings. You'll be rewarded for any information you provide." With that, he he... ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/1-4-germ Kaia Zef Rodrigo Chipry 1.5 Germ My eyes opened to a bright light in various shades of green. The leaves all around me filtered the light and created dancing shadows across my face. Chipry tweeted incessantly in my ear, the way birds tend to do in the morning. I groaned and rolle... ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/1-5-germ Kaia Lolan Chipry Sprig Supporters Below is a list of all the people who have helped make Sprig a reality. Thank you all for your support and encouragement! ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/supporters 1.6 Germ I stared at him, studying his face, trying to determine if I was crazy or not. Here he was, a half-Human Elf living among the Elves all this time. No wonder he wore the hood. I bet they would exile him if they found out. They were a very proud rac... ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/1-6-germ Kaia Zef Lolan Rodrigo Chipry 1.7 Germ The bobcat-faced Beastfolk saw my face and stomped out from under the canvas, like a lion defending its kill. She had a fresh bandage on her left arm and some kind of salve on the wound across her face. She stared silently at Lolan and me—h... ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/1-7-germ Kaia Zef Lolan Chipry 1.8 Interlude: Rodrigo The sun still hadn't crested over the hills of the new land, and the colony lay dark and silent. Rodrigo sat in a chair with his feet up on a mahogany wooden desk. He had glasses on and an open book in his lap. The uncomfortable position bent his ... ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/1-8-interlude-rodrigo Kaia Lolan Rodrigo Tibil Tallesia Kethral Srak 2.1 Bind The four of us walked through the forest as an awkward sight: a Treek, a Gnome, a half-breed, and a Beastfolk disguised as a Saurian. Once we got far enough out of sight from the colony the Beastfolk dropped her Saurian disguise, transforming back... ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/2-1-bind Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Chipry 2.2 Bind I walked into the darkness followed by the rest of the group. Light from Zef's staff reflected in irregular patterns on the damp cavern walls. We walked in silence. I'm sure everyone else was thinking about our predicament, and how we got here. Tr... ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/2-2-bind Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan 2.3 Bind I felt Lolan start to breathe heavy and was reminded of his strange racial predicament. The person in yellow was using storm magic, which is only known by the Elves. And they were good at it. I was terrified, and I had no issues with the Elves in ... ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/2-3-bind Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Rodrigo Tallesia Chipry 2.4 Bind I watched Lolan sneak through the tents. He was creeping toward another camp that was dark. I put on my Human jacket and pants from my bag, hopped down from my hammock, and whistled. Chipry startled and then floated down to my shoulder as I walked... ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/2-4-bind Kaia Lolan Chipry 2.5 Bind I woke up as a crack of thunder ripped through the sky and the rain came down in sheets. I had a small canopy of branches and broad leaves forming an umbrella over me. I kind of remembered doing it, half asleep, earlier that morning. I looked down... ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/2-5-bind Kaia Zef Lolan Galia Chipry 2.6 Interlude: Lolan "Let him up!" she screamed. "Stop it! He can't breathe!" The boy plunged once again into the water, replacing the nearby screams with the sloshing. He struggled to break free of the grip holding him under. He flailed as hard as he could but the bi... ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/2-6-interlude-lolan Lolan Brendell Ashlynn Wikith Tarnall 3.1 Shoot "Do you remember before all of the fighting started, Zef?" asked Lolan. "There's always been fighting," he said. "There's just more of it now. But yes, I remember before this war started, before the—" he stopped himself and glanced at me. H... ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/3-1-shoot Kaia Zef Lolan Chipry 3.2 Shoot I heard the crunch of leaves behind me as we searched around the base of the tree. I turned to look and saw no one there. The other search party was supposed to be around here somewhere. Had they caught up? I studied the forest and looked for move... ]]> https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig/3-2-shoot Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Lobo Torm Chipry