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Sprig A seed of hope in a world of hate War rages as land runs out. Elves, Dwarves, Humans, and other races fight for control of the limited space they have. When a land mass suddenly appears out of nowhere, people flock to it, only to be caught up in i... https://houstonhare.com//stories/sprig

10.4 Dahlia

10.4 Dahlia 2020-04-05 11:11:00 "She'll be back," said Lolan. "I think we've built up enough trust with each other at this point to work past things like this." "Still, I don't want this," I said to Lolan. He was wading in the water in front of me with all of his clothes still o... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/10-4-dahlia Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Raffa

10.3 Dahlia

10.3 Dahlia 2020-03-30 16:01:00 "So, it's not going so well, huh?" I asked Raffa as he walked next to me in the woods. He was imposing, even when on my side. Tigala made me feel the same way. "No. Not great," said Raffa. "Lobo won't work with me anymore, and he has been telling ... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/10-3-dahlia Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Raffa

10.2 Dahlia

10.2 Dahlia 2020-03-25 16:03:00 "But first, what did you find?" said Rodrigo. "Ah, come on. You can't just leave us hanging like that. What did you find?" I said. "No, we made a deal, and I need to know that you're fulfilling your end of it," said Rodrigo. "What if we say the sa... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/10-2-dahlia Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Rodrigo

10.1 Dahlia

10.1 Dahlia 2020-03-20 16:10:00 The tiger charged at me. Her stride was lopsided with the shortened leg, but she was still faster than I could run. I searched around frantically for something of use. I shot small vines out of the ground, timing them with her steps. Right before ... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/10-1-dahlia Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Rodrigo

9.7 Interlude: Klaus

9.7 Interlude: Klaus 2020-03-15 16:04:00 Shayde Mortem had grown in power. Many years he devoted his life to magic. He trained in all of the various magical disciplines. It is unknown which he started with, but it was assumed to be one of the elemental magics, which came easier to him. ... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/9-7-interlude-klaus Klaus Sparr

9.6 Anemone

9.6 Anemone 2020-03-10 04:08:00 The wyvern slumped on top of me. It had to be as heavy as a horse. It was a wonder that these things could fly. I struggled to sluff the body off, twisting and shimmying this way and that to make the smallest bit of progress. But I was making prog... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/9-6-anemone Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan

9.5 Anemone

9.5 Anemone 2020-03-05 12:41:00 "We better get moving then," I said. "Come on. Let's get up there before we lose him again." I turned toward the next cliff and realized Lolan wasn't following. "What?" I asked. "I don't know if we should go up there," he said. "That guy, he's sup... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/9-5-anemone Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan

9.4 Anemone

9.4 Anemone 2020-03-01 13:19:00 I woke the next morning earlier than the sun to a loud screeching sound outside. I jumped up from where I slept in the dirt and looked around. The others were rousing as well. Tigala was the last to sit up. She laid there with a scowl on her face ... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/9-4-anemone Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan

9.3 Anemone

9.3 Anemone 2020-02-25 10:16:00 "A dragon?" said Rodrigo. He scoffed at the mention. "Dragons aren't real." "They might not be, but that's what some Humans just said. They call themselves the Grandsome Glories." I said. Rodrigo shook his head. "He named the group now?" "You know... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/9-3-anemone Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Rodrigo

9.2 Anemone

9.2 Anemone 2020-02-20 09:26:00 "We are the Grandsome Glories," said Geralt. I smiled at the child-like naming of his group. He didn't pay any attention though and stood with his head pulled back and his hand out to make them look more glorious, I guess. Seth kind of ruined it w... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/9-2-anemone Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Rodrigo Geralt Wallace Seth

9.1 Anemone

9.1 Anemone 2020-02-15 12:13:00 I woke to the bright light of the day shining in through the windows. I looked around. Where am I? I thought. The room was messy and cluttered with a desk at the far end covered in open used jars. One had a green paste in it, while another had som... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/9-1-anemone Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Marv Abigail Talia

8.5 Ivalace - Geralt

8.5 Ivalace - Geralt 2020-02-14 10:40:00 Geralt awoke in a large canvas tent to the sound of the light patter of rain. The clouded skies made it still dark out despite his internal clock usually waking him just about at sunrise. Geralt looked around the room, saw no leaks in the tent far... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/8-5-ivalace-geralt Geralt Wallace Seth

8.4 Ivalace - Srak

8.4 Ivalace - Srak 2020-02-13 10:47:00 Another meeting with the representatives. Srak looked around at each of them. The Elf was too confident, believing she was actually doing something here. Tallesia was giddy with her false power. The Dwarf always felt like his people were getting ... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/8-4-ivalace-srak Tibil Tallesia Kethral Srak Sillius Sungura Simone Chras

8.3 Ivalace - Lolan

8.3 Ivalace - Lolan 2020-02-12 10:52:00 People stared at them, studied them as they walked into the colony. Kaia was looking worse for wear. She was sweating and holding her own weight less and less as they walked. Lolan was tired, but he couldn't give up now, not with the end so close,... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/8-3-ivalace-lolan Tigala Zef Lolan Tallesia Talia Cavel Dunnel

8.2 Ivalace - Kricoo

8.2 Ivalace - Kricoo 2020-02-11 10:54:00 The dense jungle leaves blocked her view as she tried to keep up. The others were ahead, running away from her. But it was different from before. They weren't running from another giant ape-like creature that Kricoo had never seen before. No, this... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/8-2-ivalace-kricoo Kricoo Calack Arayoo Skaith Quetza

8.1 Ivalace - Rodrigo

8.1 Ivalace - Rodrigo 2020-02-10 10:53:00 It was getting dark. Not that it changed much for Rodrigo, but he could tell. Through the small window in the side of the room, he could see the light begin to fade. He looked around at the stone walls, the metal bars. He couldn't believe he was i... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/8-1-ivalace-rodrigo Lolan Rodrigo Tibil Tallesia Kethral Srak Sillius Chras

7.5 Rest

7.5 Rest 2020-02-05 10:13:00 I looked in the direction Raffa was staring and the forest was alive with creatures. An army of woodland and jungle animals charged through trees and underbrush. Among them were a rhinoceros, an elephant, a giant eagle, a gorilla, a towering warth... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/7-5-rest Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Lobo Torm Raffa Marv Abigail Crag Talia Sungura Cavel Dunnel Cairn

7.4 Rest

7.4 Rest 2020-01-30 10:07:00 The next morning came in much the same way as the previous one. There was darkness all around us, only to be broken by the daylight that a Dwarf let in as he said, "We're going to the colony. If you plan to travel with us, we'll be leaving shortly... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/7-4-rest Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Raffa Marv Abigail Talia Cavel Dunnel Cairn

7.3 Rest

7.3 Rest 2020-01-25 09:55:00 Zef kneeled down next to me. "That was a good idea, but it couldn't have waited until you were able to at least walk again? You need to rest." "I don't know," I said, my voice soft. "She could be trying to poison us," yelled a Dwarf with a rough v... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/7-3-rest Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Chipry Marv Abigail Talia Cavel Dunnel Cairn

7.2 Rest

7.2 Rest 2020-01-20 10:39:00 A coughing fit brought me back to consciousness. My throat was hoarse. And even though, I was aware of my breathing and coughing again, the light that I had seen was gone. I was surrounded by darkness. Maybe I am dead, I thought. I blinked my eyes... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/7-2-rest Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Chipry Marv Abigail Crag Talia

7.1 Interlude: Zef

7.1 Interlude: Zef 2020-01-15 10:13:00 "She's perfect, Fenna," Zef said, staring at the sleeping baby in his arms. "She'll never do anything wrong." "Hah, I think you're in for a surprise then," said Fenna, laying in bed. She was probably tired, but Zef couldn't tell. She looked more b... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/7-1-interlude-zef Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Chipry Marv Abigail Talia Fenna Amara

6.8 Roots

6.8 Roots 2020-01-10 10:13:00 I turned around to see Havik as he plunged a dagger into my side. The pain ripped through me and I fell to my knees. I felt him pull the dagger back out and then heard a thunderous growl. I dropped Talia to the ground and there was a cracking soun... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/6-8-roots Kaia Tigala Lolan Talia Havik

6.7 Roots

6.7 Roots 2020-01-03 09:53:00 "The cavern's coming down!" Someone shouted behind me as a wagon-sized rock fell from the central column and crashed into the floor. The vine wrapped around it had pulled a section of the column out of line from the rest and the column was proving... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/6-7-leaf Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Chipry Marv Abigail Crag Talia Havik Riak

6.6 Interlude: Talia

6.6 Interlude: Talia 2019-12-27 11:12:00 "Abigail. I need some more oregano for this soup. Can you go ask Gemma?" Abigail was laying on a cot on the other end of a crude tent. She was dirtier than her mother liked her to be, but that was the way it had to be when exploring a new land. Sh... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/6-6-interlude-talia Abigail Talia Havik Gemma Vern

6.5 Roots

6.5 Roots 2019-12-20 11:54:00 "They'd kill us too if given the chance," said the Treek, snaking his vine around the central column of the cavern. He wasn't wrong. They would try to kill us if the tables were turned. The looks on their faces when they saw me said it all. Treeks... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/6-5-leaf Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Chipry Marv Abigail Crag

6.4 Roots

6.4 Roots 2019-12-15 11:57:00 We watched from our perch above the Dwarven workers waiting impatiently for Abigail to make a few footholds into the stone. She was almost finished making a path to another opening below us where the worm's tunnel must have continued before they d... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/6-4-leaf Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Chipry Marv Abigail Crag

6.3 Roots

6.3 Roots 2019-12-10 11:09:00 "Run," said Zef in a quiet voice. I looked over at him and found him looking back with wide eyes. Was he scared? That was a first. Usually, he'd be joking in a situation like this. Him being scared was more terrifying than the fact that a group of... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/6-3-leaf Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Chipry Marv Abigail Crag

6.2 Roots

6.2 Roots 2019-12-05 10:40:00 I pushed Tigala back into the crevice as soon as the Gnome stepped out of the portal, hoping he hadn't seen us. We peaked our heads over a rock and watched as he looked around. Whoever he was, he seemed wealthy. He wore bright clothes fashioned ... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/6-2-leaf Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Chipry Marv Abigail Crag Havik

6.1 Roots

6.1 Roots 2019-11-30 08:48:00 "There's a Treek down there," I whispered to Lolan who was laying on his stomach next to me, peeking over the edge. Lolan followed my eyes to the Treek wielding vine-like roots. The Treek commanded the plants to burrow into cracks in the stone and... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/6-1-leaf Tigala Zef Lolan Chipry Marv Abigail Crag

5.8 Growth

5.8 Growth 2019-11-25 12:03:00 "You just did fire magic?" Tigala said, staring me down. I looked at Lolan out of the corner of my eye. "Uh, yeah. Yeah. It was just a little though." "Why on earth are you trying fire magic? You already blew up an entire forest. And then you try ... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/5-8-growth Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Chipry Marv Abigail Crag

5.7 Growth

5.7 Growth 2019-11-20 13:10:00 "So, what changed your mind, Marv? I thought you were going to hang back and keep Abigail safe," I said. He looked back at me with no sign of amusement. "Something was coming after us in the tower." "What was it? Something big enough to get in?" ... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/5-7-growth Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Chipry Marv Abigail Crag Gemma

5.6 Growth

5.6 Growth 2019-11-15 11:37:00 The sun beamed through the web of vines, rising just high enough in the sky to land one of its rays directly across my eyes. I groaned and rolled over. I heard wings flap and then felt Chipry land in my hair. It was loose from sleeping and covered... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/5-6-growth Kaia Tigala Chipry Marv Abigail Crag

5.5 Growth

5.5 Growth 2019-11-10 11:35:00 "My name is Kaia. I'm here with your father, Marv. I'm going to come get you," I said. I began climbing the tree, using my magic to bend branches to me and make easy foot and handholds. At the very top of the tree, I found a very small Dwarven gir... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/5-5-growth Kaia Tigala Chipry Marv Abigail Crag

5.4 Growth

5.4 Growth 2019-11-05 11:35:00 Leaves slapped against my face as I ran through the forest. The only light that guided me was the reflection of the moon off of the deep green leaves. The flashes in the distance grew louder—closer. Something about running through the fores... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/5-4-growth Kaia Tigala Chipry Marv Abigail Crag

5.3 Growth

5.3 Growth 2019-10-30 10:24:00 "Great. So now you've made another creature out of magic you don't understand," said Tigala. I didn't respond. The rock creature just stared at us and we stared back. After a few moments of silence, it seemed to look around. It saw some other pebb... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/5-3-growth Kaia Tigala Chipry Marv Crag

5.2 Growth

5.2 Growth 2019-10-25 10:55:00 Once we had traveled far enough that the screams of the giant lizard and the battle cries of women and men faded out behind us, we stopped to take a break. I leaned against a tree. "So what do we do now?" Marv said. He was slumped against another ... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/5-2-growth Kaia Tigala Marv

5.1 Interlude: Marv's Tale

5.1 Interlude: Marv's Tale 2019-10-20 10:56:00 Tink tink tink It was a sound he'd heard so many times before. The sound of the mines where Marv spent his days. Countless other Dwarves, not unlike himself, were scattered in the distance, each in a separate passage connected by a central minesha... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/5-1-interlude-marvs-tale Marv Griff

4.5 Entangled

4.5 Entangled 2019-10-15 10:20:00 From the stalk of neck where the Saurian representative had just chopped, were now two more necks and heads. The creature didn't slow down at all. In fact, it seemed to fight with more tenacity. "I'm going to help," said Zef. "Really?" I said. "T... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/4-5-entangled Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Chipry Marv

4.4 Entangled

4.4 Entangled 2019-10-10 10:20:00 "Rodrigo! There's a giant lizard running towards the colony!" said the balding Gnome who stood by the window. He looked back at us with raised eyebrows and panic on his face. Rodrigo stood, his forehead creased with concern as he looked out the w... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/4-4-entangled Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Rodrigo Marv

4.3 Interlude: Sillius

4.3 Interlude: Sillius 2019-10-05 17:56:00 "She's dead! Are you really questioning me on this? They killed her," yelled someone near the back gate of the colony. A small Gnome went running toward it. He turned the corner to find a large boar-like Beastfolk holding a limp black and white p... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/4-3-interlude-sillius Kaia Tigala Zef Rodrigo Tibil Srak Lobo Sillius Sungura

4.2 Entangled

4.2 Entangled 2019-09-30 09:55:00 The hippo Beastfolk worked on Lolan for about an hour before she was ready to stop. Rodrigo didn't say much else to me. And I didn't say anything to him. We sat in silence throughout the whole operation. I contemplated what Rodrigo meant, while he... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/4-2-entangled Tigala Zef Lolan Rodrigo Marv Nadira

4.1 Entangled

4.1 Entangled 2019-09-25 10:55:00 With mountains high and valleys low We dig deeper in the earth To protect our mountain home And all that it is worth Not the dragons of the sky Nor the serpents of the sea Nor the beasts of the land Can ever take what's mine from me The red-hair... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/4-1-entangled Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Marv

3.8 Shoot

3.8 Shoot 2019-09-20 10:08:00 The giant bipedal tree strode through the forest, each footfall a miniature earthquake. Is that really something I created? Could I do it again without the remnants of some old magical explosion? I was amazed and had so many questions. I didn’t kn... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/3-8-shoot Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Lobo Chipry Mila Raffa

3.7 Shoot

3.7 Shoot 2019-09-15 10:14:00 I woke up to my body being jostled around. It all hurt. Every muscle felt overworked. Each movement flared the pain radiating through my body. I groaned as I opened my heavy eyelids. “Oh, good. You’re awake.” I opened my eyes to see Zef running ne... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/3-7-shoot Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Rodrigo Lobo Chipry Raffa

3.6 Shoot

3.6 Shoot 2019-09-10 11:04:00 In tiger form, Tigala dove into the room, aiming more to disarm Lobo than attack him outright. She crashed into him, forcing his shapeshifted sword out of his hand. The blade glided on the floor as Tigala turned back to Lobo, growling at him all t... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/3-6-shoot Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Lobo Torm Chipry Mila

3.5 Interlude: Tigala

3.5 Interlude: Tigala 2019-09-05 11:16:00 Up ahead, she could see them. The creeping Gnomes covered themselves in blurry illusions that mimicked their surroundings, but she had seen it all before. She knew right where they were—low to the ground where the images were at their strongest. S... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/3-5-interlude-tigala Tigala Lobo Jaku Duma Katan Wadu Gatooli

3.4 Shoot

3.4 Shoot 2019-08-31 11:09:00 I rushed toward the center of the room and kneeled next to the body. It definitely wasn’t a Treek. The patchy skin was cold and lifeless, and its limbs were limp, giving me no help in moving it. I rolled it over and settled the body on its back. T... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/3-4-shoot Kaia Zef Lolan Lobo Torm Chipry

3.3 Shoot

3.3 Shoot 2019-08-26 10:57:00 That was dumb. Why did I say that? Now she’s going to know we’re free, I thought, mad at myself for warning Tigala. The creature lurking in the branches looked at us. It bared its crooked teeth before turning its attention back to the tree-dwellin... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/3-3-shoot Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Lobo Torm Chipry Mila

3.2 Shoot

3.2 Shoot 2019-08-21 10:21:00 I heard the crunch of leaves behind me as we searched around the base of the tree. I turned to look, but no one was there. That Beastfolk search party was supposed to be around here somewhere. Had they caught up? I studied the forest and looked fo... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/3-2-shoot Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Lobo Torm Chipry

3.1 Shoot

3.1 Shoot 2019-08-16 10:48:00 Do you remember before all of the fighting started, Zef?” asked Lolan. We walked in a line through the woods, with Zef in the middle and Lolan to his side, opposite of me. Despite the topic, it was a nice day to be in the forest, even if we might ... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/3-1-shoot Kaia Zef Lolan Chipry

2.6 Interlude: Lolan

2.6 Interlude: Lolan 2019-08-11 10:02:00 "Let him up!" she screamed. "Stop it! He can't breathe!" The boy plunged once again into the water, replacing the nearby screams with the sloshing. He struggled to break free of the grip holding him under. He flailed as hard as he could but the bi... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/2-6-interlude-lolan Lolan Brendell Ashlynn Wikith Tarnall

2.5 Bind

2.5 Bind 2019-08-06 11:11:00 I woke up as a crack of thunder ripped through the sky and the rain came down in sheets. I had a small canopy of branches and broad leaves forming an umbrella over me. I kind of remembered doing it, half asleep, earlier that morning. I looked down... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/2-5-bind Kaia Zef Lolan Galia Chipry

2.4 Bind

2.4 Bind 2019-08-01 10:58:00 I watched Lolan sneak through the tents. He was creeping toward another camp that was dark. I put on my Human jacket and pants from my bag, hopped down from my hammock, and whistled. Chipry startled and then floated down to my shoulder as I walked... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/2-4-bind Kaia Lolan Chipry

2.3 Bind

2.3 Bind 2019-07-27 10:07:00 I felt Lolan start to breathe heavy and was reminded of his strange racial predicament. The person in yellow was using storm magic, which is only known by the Elves. And they were good at it. I was terrified, and I had no issues with the Elves in ... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/2-3-bind Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Rodrigo Tallesia Chipry

2.2 Bind

2.2 Bind 2019-07-22 09:19:00 I walked into the darkness followed by the rest of the group. Light from Zef's staff reflected in irregular patterns on the damp cavern walls. We walked in silence. I'm sure everyone else was thinking about our predicament, and how we got here. Tr... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/2-2-bind Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan

2.1 Bind

2.1 Bind 2019-07-17 09:47:00 The four of us walked through the forest as an awkward sight: a Treek, a Gnome, a half-breed, and a Beastfolk disguised as a Saurian. Once we got far enough out of sight from the colony the Beastfolk dropped her Saurian disguise, transforming back... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/2-1-bind Kaia Tigala Zef Lolan Chipry

1.8 Interlude: Rodrigo

1.8 Interlude: Rodrigo 2019-07-12 09:47:00 The colony lay dark and silent, as the sun still hadn't crested over the hills of Daegal. Rodrigo was sitting with his feet up on a mahogany wooden desk. He was wearing glasses, and an open book sat in his lap. The uncomfortable position put press... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/1-8-interlude-rodrigo Kaia Lolan Rodrigo Tibil Tallesia Kethral Srak

1.7 Germ

1.7 Germ 2019-07-07 10:29:00 The bobcat Beastfolk stomped out from under the canvas, like a lion defending its kill. A fresh bandage was wrapped around her left arm, and fresh ointment covered a wound across her face. She stared at Lolan and me—her chest rising and fall... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/1-7-germ Kaia Zef Lolan Chipry

1.6 Germ

1.6 Germ 2019-07-02 10:01:00 I stared hard, studying his face, to determine if I was crazy or not. Here he was, a half-Human half-Elf hybrid living among the Elves all this time. No wonder he wore the hood. The Elves would exile him if they found out. If I knew anything about... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/1-6-germ Kaia Zef Lolan Rodrigo Chipry

1.5 Germ

1.5 Germ 2019-06-27 12:23:00 My eyes opened to a bright light piercing through various shades of green. The leaves all around me filtered the light and created dancing shadows across my face. Chipry tweeted incessantly in my ear, the way he tended to do in the morning. I groa... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/1-5-germ Kaia Lolan Chipry

1.4 Germ

1.4 Germ 2019-06-22 10:29:00 Rodrigo finished his speech by explaining a large communal map in the tavern behind him. "Please mark the location you'll be searching each day to avoid overlap, and report any findings you may have. You'll be rewarded for any information you prov... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/1-4-germ Kaia Zef Rodrigo Chipry

1.3 Germ

1.3 Germ 2019-06-17 10:02:00 The tiger dove toward me as groups of other races watched. Not one stepped in to protect me, an unarmed teen, from the Beastfolk warrior. I took cover on the far side of the well, trying to keep the small structure between me and the tiger. As I d... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/1-3-germ Kaia Daegal Rodrigo Chipry

1.2 Germ

1.2 Germ 2019-06-10 10:19:00 7 years later... "Welcome to the new land of Daegal!" The captain's voice was barely audible over all the chatter. He let out a hearty chuckle. "Now get off my boat, ya filthy lot." At his command, Humans began shuffling down the gangplank and ont... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/1-2-germ Kaia Chipry

1.1 Germ

1.1 Germ 2019-06-03 11:32:00 I stared at the rich dark earth, expecting something that never came. No change, just simple, barren soil. I concentrated, willing life and growth, and a green spark burst into existence. It was faint. I focused, causing small tendrils to form roo... ]]> https://houstonhare.com/stories/sprig/1-1-germ Kaia Lyndon Mother
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