Sprig (Issue 4 - Entangled) Release & Rebranding

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Hello! It's been a bit. Last year was crazy, and unfortunately, it led me to put Sprig on hiatus. But that hiatus is coming to an end. I am currently plotting out the ending of the story and plan to have chapters releasing again by the end of April at the latest. The wait is almost over!

But that's not the only good news. Issue 4 is now available through several different marketplaces and is on sale until the end of the month! Pick it up at your favorite retailer with any of the links at the top of this post. And don't forget to leave a review to help other people find it!

I also found a way to get my prices even lower than they were previously, so essentially, all issues are on sale indefinitely. If you weren't sure about the price before, you can now pick up each paperback for under $5 dollars. You can find the links for previous issues in my shop.

You may have noticed that the cover for Issue 4 doesn't quite match the previous ones. Part of the reason I haven't released more issues until now is that I didn't know how to afford it. Paying someone to make art for each issue is very expensive, and not cost-effective when you are just starting out. So I decided to go with a simpler, more streamlined book cover so that I can pump out issues quickly. All of the previous covers have been updated to match. When I start releasing actual books (collections of several issues) they will have much more detailed covers. I already have the first one made and I can't wait to show it off, but that's for another time.

To all of you who have stuck around, even through the dry spell, thank you so much. I really appreciate your support. And for the newcomers: welcome! I can't wait to finish this story and share it with all of you!

Adventure awaits,

Houston Hare


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