Sprig (Issue 2 - Bind) Release!

# 185 1 - 1 mins. 1

I'm happy to announce that Sprig (Issue 2 - Bind) is now available for sale. Issue 2 includes all of arc 2 here on It follows Kaia and the group's journey to the strange tower on the horizon and it also has one of my favorite interludes yet in it with Lolan's backstory. You can purchase it at your favorite marketplace by clicking on the link above.

As a thank you for following along, Issue 2 is on sale for up to $2 off right now. So make sure you pick up your copy before next Wednesday when the sale ends. Tell your friends too!

Also, ratings go a long way toward getting the book in front of other people. So even if you just grab the $1 eBook, please consider letting others know what you think with a review/rating.

Thanks again for all of your support. I hope you enjoy Issue 2!

Houston Hare


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